Med-E Link facilitates (clinical) research in hospital environments. Technical aspects of research can be hard to understand, and moreover, difficult to explain to collegues. In a research team it is of utter most importance, that everybody can recognize flaws in incoming signals.

With our Biomedical Engineering background, we understand both the physiological and engineering aspects. While starting up a new study, we're able to educate the research team, and during the measurements we can ensure signals are of good quality. Moreover, due to our cooperation with Applied Biosignals GmbH, we're able to create a complete interface for an organized real-time view of incoming physiological measurements. Accordingly, measurement errors will be seen on the patient's bedside, instead of in a post-processing process.

Recently we've cooperated with University Medical Center Groningen and Children's Hospital Los Angeles. References are available upon request.



Many great (bio)medical products are being developed nowadays. However, the process from development to clinical practice can be long and troublesome. Med-E Link tries to help out within this traject.

With our knowledge and network we are able to make significant steps within the development process of new medical products. Combination of industry with hospitals and universities leads to a synergetic cooperation, from which all parties can greatly benefit.


Several projects will start in the next months, but we can still accept new projects. So if you wish to use our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.




The link between engineers and a clinical environment or the industry is often not accomplished within a graduate program. Med-E Link offers internships at prestigious hospitals (see our projects) to excellent graduate (biomedical) engineering students. Herewith, graduate students can experience how it is to work in a clinical environment and will have great responsibilites during research projects.

In this process hospitals can benefit from the capabilities of an engineer, while students built up clinical experience and scale up their resume and network.


Are you a graduate student (Biomedical) Engineering and do you think you can qualify to be part of a clinical research study or medical company and write your thesis? Please contact us to see if there are any internships available.

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